A Fully-Customized Age Verification Plugin for Squarespace

Your age verification splash screen is the first experience visitors have on your Squarespace site. We'll make sure it works smoothly and matches your brand design & colors seamlessly.

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Setup in minutes, fully customizable, great on mobile & no coding required!

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Feature Highlights

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Responsive Design

Our age verification popup works great on both mobile and desktop versions of your Squarespace website.

SEO Friendly

Our javascript splash page only affects real users and search engines won't be affected.

Beautiful & Customizable

Customize your age checker popup to exactly match your branding and Squarespace theme.

Various Settings

Choose expiry times to determine how often the splash will popup, customize your message, etc...

Choose Layout

Choose between a Yes/No splash and Date of birth verification. Custom solutions available as well!

Perfect for Squarespace

Works great on Squarespace and will blend in beautifully with your brand & Squarespace design.

Effortless Setup

Setup your verification splash in minutes.
No coding required

Works Everywhere

Customize your minimum age requirements to meet regulation anywhere in the world.

Unparalleled Support

We're here to help you, from setup, to management, to customization.